Kevin Durant just pulled a historic heel turn

One of the most liked superstars in the NBA has made a life changing move.

Kevin Durant says he’s signing with the Warriors in what can only be described as a WWE style heel turn. Durant is arguably the least hated superstar in the NBA. In other words, if there was an approval and disapproval rating for NBA stars, he would likely have one of the lowest disapproval ratings. Yet, he’s putting that at risk by teaming up with 3 other superstars in Golden State. There’s never been a team like this in the modern NBA. The Warriors will have 2 of the 3 best players in the league in Durant and Steph Curry. Klay Thompson is a top 10 player and Draymond Green is a border line top 10 talent. Talent like this on one roster has never been seen. Back when LeBron James joined the Miami Heat in 2010, he was widely considered the best player in the game. He teamed up with Dwayne Wade who, at the time, was a top 5 player, and Chris Bosh, who was in the top 15. But after those 3, the next best player wasn’t in the same category. This Warriors team will look and feel like an all star squad.
Fans have already been¬†seen burning Durant’s jersey after the announcement was made that he was leaving OKC. He’s never dealt with hatred from fans like this before. By making this move, he has almost turned into what LeBron was back in 2010. He will be booed in almost every arena. He will be taunted by almost every road crowd. The big question is, will Durant be able to mentally handle that type of environment? It’s a situation he’s never been in: being hated around the league.

Now a different question is, did Durant make the right decision? He’s taking an easier route to attempt to win a title. He’s potentially taking less money by leaving OKC, but when you get to a certain amount, does the money even make a difference? Russell Westbrook’s contract is up next year, and the fact that he could leave must have played a role. With all of this in mind, Kevin Durant has now created one of the most interesting story lines in NBA history.

Kevin Durant is set to leave OKC
Kevin Durant is set to leave OKC
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