The Lakers are quietly making waves this off-season

It’s been a great start to the summer for the Los Angeles Lakers. First, they drafted former Duke forward Brandon Ingram with the 2nd overall pick in the NBA draft. Ingram will join a young nucleus that already has a ton of potential. He, along with D’Angelo Russell and Julius Randle look to be the future of the Lakers.

Free agency started July 1st, and we saw teams spending money like never before. Players like Solomon Hill, who averaged 4 points and 3 rebounds last year got a $52 million contract. The Lakers, however, have spent money efficiently and effectively. They grabbed center Timofey Mozgov, who’s a proven rim protector and low post scorer. They locked him up on a reported 4 year deal worth $64 million. Then, in another big move, the Lakers snagged Luol Deng for $72 million over 4 years, according to ESPN. Beyond the talent, these two signings can also be a big part of the future. They aren’t just fillers. Mozgov is just 29, and believe it or not, Deng is only 31.

The Lakers are setting themselves up to be a real player next season. The west is tough, but the roster is improving and if some of these young guys can start to progress, we could see the first playoff appearance for the Lakers since 2013.

Luol Deng is set to join the Lakers next season
Luol Deng is set to join the Lakers next season
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