Where in the world will Kevin Durant end up?

Kevin Durant led the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Western Conference Finals in 2016. But could he be leading another team deep in the playoffs next season?

The hottest name in NBA free agency is Durant. He will have several suitors when free agency officially starts July 1st, but what’s the best option for him?

He could go back to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Financially, it’s by far the smartest decision. If he signs a deal where he can opt out after one season, it allows him to sign a 5 year max deal the following year with the Thunder. That would give him the most money by a long shot since the salary cap is going up substantially.

If he chooses to go with any other team, he’ll be making less money on his initial contract. However, we don’t know how important money is to Durant.

He could choose to go with the Warriors, who reportedly have expressed interest. Adding Durant to a 73 win team would make the Warriors the odds on favorite to win the title. The Knicks are supposedly going to push for Durant, as well. By adding Derrick Rose, the Knicks have several pieces that could interest Durant. Not to mention playing in New York, the biggest market in the country, where he could make money off the court.

Another big market that Durant could go to is Los Angeles, for either the Lakers or Clippers. The Lakers have a very young roster, but a ton of potential. However, would Durant want to go to a team that probably wouldn’t be a contender next year? The Clippers have several key veterans, but if they add Durant they would likely have to give up one of their top players.

With so many options, what should Durant do? Could he go to a team we aren’t even thinking about? July 1st could be the hottest day of the summer.

Where will Kevin Durant play next year?
Where will Kevin Durant play next year?
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