Is Game 7 the final game for Kevin Love in a Cavaliers uniform?

Kevin Love has been a non-factor in the NBA Finals. This isn’t an opinion. Based on the numbers, it’s a fact.

Love had yet another underwhelming performance in Game 6, playing just 12 minutes, putting up 7 points and 3 rebounds. In Game 5, he played 33 minutes but still had just 2 points. In Game 4, coming off the bench after missing Game 3, Love dropped just 11 points and 5 rebounds.

What does all of this mean? It means the Cavaliers have forced a Game 7 in the NBA Finals without relying on their 113 million dollar power forward. Could Game 7 be the final game of Love’s Cavaliers career?

Love has been a liability on defense and hasn’t fit in the offense. There’s speculation that him and LeBron James don’t get along. His name has been linked to trade rumors with several teams. Love couldn’t have imagined this scenario when he decided to sign a 5 year deal with Cleveland in 2015.

Does Kevin Love need to be a key contributor in Game 7 to save his job in Cleveland? Does it even matter at this point? Download the Sporting Vote app and join the conversation.


Eric Solomon has worked in various newsrooms in Chicago. He brings his experience to Sporting Vote, where he writes for the NFL, NBA and MLB. Eric is an avid Chicago sports fan, and hopes the Cubs don’t blow it this year.

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