Should the Cavs start Kevin Love going forward?

The Cleveland Cavaliers have 113 million reasons to start Kevin Love for the remainder of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors. His 5 year/113 million dollar contract is among the highest in the NBA. However, his absence in Game 3 of the Finals has raised questions about his fit on the team.

With Love in the lineup for the first two games of the Finals, Cleveland lost by a combined 48 points. His defensive play, or lack thereof, has been called into question. His role on the team has also been called into question. When he suffered a concussion in Game 2, many wondered what the lineup would look like heading into Game 3 and how the team would fare. The result- a 30 point victory by the Cavs.

What’s even more staggering is who replaced him in the starting lineup. Richard Jefferson, who is 35 years old, seemed to fit the team’s scheme considerably better. The team was sharper defensively and more efficient offensively.

There’s no denying Love’s talent. He’s one of the most skilled power forwards in the NBA. But could his injury in Game 2 spell the end of his starting role with the Cavs?

The major question is, going forward, do the Cavs start Love or use him off the bench and play a much smaller role?

Should the Cavs start Kevin Love?
Should the Cavs start Kevin Love?

Kevin Love should start for the Cavs in Game 4.

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